Aaron Strickland


Bachelor of Podiatry, University of Newcastle.

Aaron has spent the past 10 years working in private practice as a podiatrist following his graduation from the university. His experience spans across multiple client bases, from general foot care to diabetic foot management, biomechanics and nail surgeries. A prime motivator for Aaron is improving his clients’ quality of life.

Outside of work Aaron is a mad football fan (the world game) and follows Liverpool in the English Premier League. He has played his beloved sport over the last 20 years and has participated as a match official for the last 17 years, including a stint on the a-league. His love of football has led to a keen interest in the treatment of the lower limb and getting people back to their full physical potential so that they too can enjoy their passion in life.

Area of special interest: soccer injuries -hip, knee, ankle, foot. ingrowing toenail surgery.

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