Our Values


We are gold standard.

We go the extra mile so you can too. We invest in innovative technology and ensure we follow evidence based practice. We keep on learning.


We are enthusiastic.

We are passionate about growth and learning. We are diligent in the pursuit of the best outcomes. We get it done.


We care.

We really want the best for you, our client and each other. We are committed. We treat you like you are our family, friends, colleagues, or a professional athlete. We do what we say we will do. We are generous.


We are family.

We are open minded, positive and flexible. Trust, loyalty, honestly are the values we bring to work everyday. We bring energy and fun, this is a happy place to work.

At the Appointment


Your Story.

We want to hear your story: why, what, when.


Your Reason.

We will find the reason. We may send you for imaging, we may send you to the GP, we may liaise with another allied health professional.


The Treatment.

We will start treatment, reduce pain/discomfort.


Our Guidance.

We will give you guidance and provide a treatment plan to resolve the issue.

Is that the end..? No… We want you to go beyond just feeling better… We want to help you achieve those goals.