Mid Coast Podiatry was started in September 2010 by Esher Townsend, renting a room part-time in a GP practice. Two years after starting, the practice moved to Wynter Street in Taree and bloomed from there. We now have three full time podiatrists and have clinics in three locations: Taree, Wingham and Port Macquarie.

At Mid Coast Podiatry it is important to us that we keep up to date with current research and changes in technology. The clinic is always evolving, refining modalities we already use, introducing new treatment methods and educating you with the best information, so we can find a solution that gets you back to where you want to be as soon as possible.

We treat a range of conditions including heel pain and achilles problems, kids with feet that roll in, growing pains, runners with sore knees, people with sore shins, fungal nails, corns and warts. So don’t be embarrassed, we’ve seen it all before.