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Treatments options

We offer a variety of treatment options, what we choose to offer depends on what your problem is, often utilising a combination of different modalities. Each podiatrist is proficient in all these modalities. 


  • Dry needling*

    • ​Myofascial trigger points are extremely common and often overlooked as the main cause of pain. You can experience both active and latent trigger points, they can cause stiffness and restrict movement in muscles. They can be painful but sometimes you have no idea they exist, until it is compressed, usually by your practitioner. Trigger points often cause pain in areas away from themselves for example: heel pain can be cause by a trigger point in Soleus (calf muscle). Most types of heel pain are due to trigger points in the Gastrocnemius and Soleus muscles. Treatment is via the insertion of fine acupuncture needles. 

  • Western Medical Acupuncture*

    • ​Is a theraputic modality using fine acupuncture needles inserted into specific locations on the body. It is adapted from Chinese Acupuncture, but WMA does not involve the traditional concepts of Yin/Yang or Qi. It is useful for reducing pain and increasing blood flow to the injured area, it can also be useful to those who suffer from 'burning feet' or 'Raynards Syndrome. 

  • Massage 

    • Good for reducing tension in the muscles, allowing them to return to functional length.

  • Joint Mobilisation/Manipulation 

    • Increases mobility in the joints allowing them to move 'freely' again and increase their range of motion. 

  • FMT - follow link for more information.

  • Orthoses 

    • Pre fabricated - one shape fit all, but can be modifed in the clinic. Used for conditions and problems where less force is needed to help reduce stress on the affected muscles/tendons and structures.

    • Custom made - used for more complex injuries or where a pre fabricated device will not be strong enough to control the foot function and reduce stress on muscles and tendons. A 3d scanner is used rather than plaster casting.

  • Exercise Prescription

    • ​Stretching and strengthing exercises are a vital part to any recovery program. You will be given exercises to do which are relevant to your problem. 

  • Shockwave Therapy - follow link for more info

    • Soundwaves are applied to the injuried area, this facilities healing. ​This is extremely helpful for chronic injuries, it initiates an inflammatory response which can help turn the injury back to a more actute one and therefore easier to heal. The second advantage that shockwave has, is that it can help break the pain cycle, allowing you to start the rehab process. 

  • Taping

    • ​Rigid or kinesiology (rocktape) taping can enhance healing

  • Diabetic foot assessments and foot health information

  • Rheumatoid Arthritis assessments and foot health information

  • General PodiatryTreatments

    • Nails cut

    • Corn and Callus removal

    • Wart treatment and advice

    • Fungal nail treatments and advice

    • Ingrowing Toenails


For more information on any of the above treatments, please call 6551 4815 or use the contact us link. 


*Clinicians at Mid Coast Podiatry are not trained in Traditional Acupunture and we do not call ourselves 'Acupuncturists', we have undertaken specific training enabling us to use these modalities when treating foot related problems. 


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