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The foot is a complex structure: 26 bones, 40 plus joints, 4 layers of muscles, tendons, ligaments and fascia all connected and all integral to each other. The body is linked by fascia, so what happens in the foot can affect the upper body and vice versa. It is not uncommon to find muscle dysfunction in the pelvis region affecting foot function. 


Most injuries are caused by a change in load, this can be an increase in kilometres, change of surface, increase in body weight, change in shoes, start up of a new sport, just joined the gym etc but direct trauma is also a factor in some injuries. 


The ageing process is also quite hard on the body, muscles can become weaker leading to compensations in other structures. Prevention is key to staying healthy and mobile. 

For woman, menopause can suck, pre-menopause can start in the late 30's. The change in hormone levels can have a huge affect on the body and its capabilities. Menopause is still a very quiet subject, not often talked about, but tailoring food and supplements can really help in the rehab of injuries during this time. 


Many injuries are caused by a combination of factors, so the assessment and treatment of the problem centres on finding the root cause of the problem and establishing a rehab regime to rectify the issue.


For more information on some of the more common conditions seen in the clinic please follow the links on the far right. This is not a comprehensive list, but a few of the more popular injuries we see.  














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